1 Day for America
"The Prayer for America is outstanding!

Great Job Faith!"
Frances from Florida
"Great interview! Are you going to be putting book in an audio format soon? I would love to listen during all my drive time. "
Listener in Missouri
"really enjoyed the prayer."
Purchase my book to send to a soldier. "Call to Arms" Your name will be sent along with each book to our soldiers, so that they know who made it possible. Thank you.

United we stand.

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We need your help to reach the cities throughout this great nation, and to let them know: Americans take care of Americans. Feed the Children has teamed up with Faith Powers to make this happen.

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The battles we are facing are fierce.

Learn how to fight to win!

In this current age we are living in, there is so much concern about tomorrow...learn how to keep and stand in confidence that you will achieve your goals.

365 Days of Inspirational notes that will not only help you personally, but also in your understanding of the Bible.

Also includes: Prayer for America,The Ten Commandments, The Constitution of the United States, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence.

Faith Powers is an Author and Motivational Speaker. This media veteran has been featured on national FOX News Radio, CBS Radio, NBC News television in San Diego and radio and television stations across the nation and Canada. Media Kit

Faith Powers National Interview

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Faith Powers Highlights Bruce Kelly Blog

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Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe
"You have definitely labored long and hard at putting your years of Bible notes...into this book. Truly they will be a blessing to those who read them."

SoCal SportsBikerZ

"Best inspirational book I ever read. Day #68 really really hit home for me. Thank you"
John Hagee Ministries
"We pray that the Lord bless your publication and that it will be successful and a blessing to many."

Michele Bachmann-Congresswoman
"...a wonderful book with applicable messages of wisdom rooted in God's Word. It is my wish that all who read Call to Arms may be encouraged by your compilation of notes and will also be reminded to pray for this great nation. Best wishes with your work..."

Michele Bachmann
Member of Congress
House of Representatives

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